2017 Spring Break Recap

Here is a brief recap on what some brothers did over their Spring Break!

Brother Juan Sanchez went back to Boston and went ot cheer on the Celtics at TD Garden

Brothers Sam Haury, Adam Santee, Dylan Marshall and Scott Rosploch went to Colorado to sightee, attend a Denver Nuggets game (with the Cavs losing) and enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Colorado. 

Brothers Logan Ferriera and David Campbell went to the Dominican Republic and enjoyed being out of the United States for a few days.  

Brother Forbeck decided to go home in Wisconsin to work at Paradise Island and make waffle cones (he doesn't have a life). 

Finally, our President, Brother Derek Kane, went back home to Albuquerque and did some fishing with family. 

We are back and ready for a great end of the Spring Semester!